Welcome to the AMCA club website

The American Motors Club of Alberta was founded September 13, 1994 to encourage and promote the awareness, preservation, restoration, and collection of automobiles produced by the American Motors Corporation and predecessor companies 

When we had our first meeting at the Edmonton Inn in Edmonton on September 13, 1994 - those gathered there had no idea of what they had put into motion. Think of what has happened to the Club since that initial meeting: 
 ● we have established branch chapters in Edmonton and Calgary.
 ● we have raised the awareness of the AMCA at shows and activities we have organized in locations such as Jasper, Three Hills, Rimbey, Chestermere, Calgary and Edmonton.
 ● we have a dedicated and enthusiastic membership and Executive.
 ● we have supported our members and helped them in their restoration projects.
 ● we have set up links & communicated with other car clubs and enthusiasts around the world.