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The American Motors Club of Alberta

"Dedicated to Preservation and Restoration since 1994"

As members are aware we are celebrating this month [Setember, 2004] the 10th Anniversary of the creation of the AMCA. This is a time to reflect on the progress of the Club and to take stock of where we are today.

When we had our first meeting at the Edmonton Inn in Edmonton on September 13, 1994 - those gathered there had no idea of what they had put into motion. Think of what has happened to the Club since that initial meeting:

I have listed only some of our accomplishments but I think they are considerable considering that we appeal to a relatively small segment of the population who were involved with AMC and their products.

The original purpose of this Club, as Ken Ames put it in the first (October '94) issue of the Newsletter, would be to 'raise the profile of AMC’s as worthy automobiles and to have fun'. It was a simple idea and it has drawn together people with an interest in AMC & predecessor vehicles who have enjoyed the camaraderie and support of fellow members.

It has been my pleasure and honor to serve in the Executive of the Club since its inception. I have enjoyed the friendships and good will of Club members and I feel fortunate to associate with such a fine group of people. I know the AMCA will continue to prosper in the future as members enjoy their connection with a truly fine automobile.

Please join us at the Birthday Celebration, September 12 [2004} at the Bennink ranch by Crestomere. It is sure to be a good time for all.

Here is a roster of the original members who met that night 10 years ago:
Ken Ames, Louis Bourget, Darrel Grainger, Peter Hill, Rick Johnson, Harold Knynsberg, Chris Little, Chris Monette, Robert Nelson, Richard & Susan Orr, Terry & Allison Pazuk, Darrell & Maureen Rickerd, Glenn H. Rickerd, Jeff Shultz, Blair Supple and Al Touring.

Our 10th Anniversary — by Rick Johnson

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