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The American Motors Club of Alberta

"Dedicated to Preservation and Restoration since 1994"


Various sites of interest for AMC enthusiasts

American Motors Club of Manitoba — Our friends in Manitoba

Northern Ramblers — A Club for AMC enthusiasts in Central Canada

American Rambler Club — One of our supporters from Connecticut, USA

Javelin Home Page — All about the design and development of the Javelin

Eddie Stakes' "PlanetHoustonAMX" — More information about AMC than you might want to know

The Marlin Auto Club — There weren't a lot of Marlins, but they were definitely AMC ...

ArcticBoys — Lots of AMC information ....

A History of AMC — Paul Dwyer's Quick History of American Motors

The Olde Milford Press — One of the most informed writers of AMC History

Hemmings Motor News — A great source of information, and the original host of our second website.

AMC Eagle's Nest — The AMC Eagle Nest is supported and maintained by a dedicated group of AMC Eagle owners and enthusiasts.

Car Chat Club — Car Chat Club is not JUST about the CARS. It showcases the People, Places and Performance of Car Enthusiasts Everywhere!